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Dear Deanna, Just wanted to let you know that I received my order this morning and how delighted I am with everything. Apparently nothing was left out - as you mentioned - the 'out of stock' item was in the package. Your service is excellent, the product is perfect and y ...
Janis M. James

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Swarovski crystal is made in Austria and is considered the finest crystal available. Create beautiful designs from the great selection they offer: beads, drops, pendants and many more.
Art. 4137 Cosmic Oval
Art. 4139 Cosmic Ring
Art. 4439 Square Ring
Art. 4737 Cosmic Triangle
Art. 6000 Drop Pendant
Art.6002 Oval Drop Pendant
Art.6007 Briolette Pendant
Art.6010 Briolette Pendant
Art.6012 Flat Briolette Pendant
Art.6015 Polygon Drop
Art.6016 Grand Crystalactite Partly Frosted
Art. 6017 Grand Crystalactite Partly Frosted
Art. 6020 Helix Pendant
Art.6039 Disk Pendant
Art. 6022 Xirium Raindrop Pendant
Art. 6026 Cabochette Pendant
Art.6040 Helios Pendant
Art.6058 Metro Pendant
Art.6090 Drop Pendant
Art.6091 Baroque Pendant
Art.6100 Pendant
Art.6106 Pear Pendant
Art 6110 Navette Pendant
Art.6120 Oval Pendant
Art.6128 Mini Pear Pendant
Art.6150 Pegasus Pendant
Art.6190 Rock Pendant
Art.6202 / 6228 Heart Pendant
Art.6210 Round Pendant
Art. 6215 Heart Pendant
Art.6225 Heart Pendant
Art.6240 Wild Heart Pendant
Art. 6260 Crazy 4 U Heart Pendant
Art.6261 Devoted 2 U Heart Pendant
Art. 6262 Miss U Heart Pendant
Art. 6263 Forever 1 Heart Pendant
Art.6264 Truly In Love Heart Pendant
Art.6301/6328 Bicone Pendant
Art. 6320 Rhombus Pendant
Art.6401 Octagon Pendant
Art. 6404 Octagon 2 Hole Pendant
Art. 6428 XILION Pendant
Art.6460 Column Pendant
Art. 6465 Queen Baguette Pendant
Art. 6470 Ellipse Pendant
Art. 6532 Pure Drop Pendant
Art.6621 Twist Pendant
Art.6628 Xilion Triangle Pendant
Art.6650 Cubist Pendant
Art.6656 Galactic Vert. Pendant
Art.6657 Galactic Horiz. Pendant
Art.6670 De-Art Pendant
Art. 6673 Meteor Pendant
Art.6680 Cosmic Pendant
Art. 6685 Graphic Pendant
Art.6704 Snowflake Pendant
Art.6714 Star Pendant
Art.6721 Starfish Pendant
Art. 6722 Moon Pendant
Art.6723 Shell Pendant
Art. 6727 Fish Pendant
Art. 6735 Leaf Pendant
Art.6790 Coral Pendant (3 Stem)
Art.6791 Coral Pendant (2 Stem)
Art.6860 Cross Pendant
Art.6866 Cross Pendant
Art.6904 Lily Pendant
Art.6906 Orchid Pendant
Art.6919 Key Pendant
Art.8621 Strass Drop Pendant
Art.8721 Strass Drop Pendant
Art.8805 Strass Leaf Pendant
Art.8901 Strass Fancy Drop Pendant
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